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    About Us
    Jinhua Zhenglong Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 ,The company's products are mainly used in vegetable farms, supermarkets, goods yards, mines, metallurgy, chemicals, energy and transportation, hospitals, beauty salons and other enterprises and individual users. The product gives full play to its characteristics in improving weighing efficiency and preventing vehicle overload. We have excellent employees, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and strict management. "Innovation, quality, integrity, and win-win" are our production spirit and service philosophy. For more than ten years, on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology and craftsmanship in the industry, we have gathered many years of wisdom and experience in the weighing industry to make the accuracy, stability and reliability of our products ranked first in the industry.

    The 319 series of high-precision counting electronic scales produced by our company surpasses many peer products in accuracy, and is still developing more high-end products; it is also the earliest weighing enterprise in the industry that uses wheels for product structure. With advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect service, we have become a provincial high-quality brand, and our products are spread all over the country. We actively advocate: market-oriented, scientific research as the leader, and innovation as a means to actively develop domestic and foreign markets. We have won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers with perfect and professional pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. On the basis of insisting on technological innovation, the company pays close attention to quality management, continuously improves service levels, and realizes the benign business of the company development of.

    We actively participate in promotion and industry exchange activities. We also sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company for inspection, visit and technical exchanges!

     0579-82413876  82413876

    No. 2770, Dongyang South Street, 

    Yafan Town Industrial Park, 

    Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

     135 1690 0022
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